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words(on)pages is now accepting fiction, poetry, and nonfiction submissions for the first issue of our literary magazine, (parenthetical). We offer token payment for works selected for publication, plus a print copy of the magazine, which will be designed, printed, and bound by us.

The submissions deadline for the May issue of (parenthetical) is April 23—but don’t worry, if you miss it, we’re happy to consider your work for our next issue in July. Check out for more details about what and how to submit. 

Reblog for writer friends…who don’t have internet currently damnit.

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That’s right mom, keep texting me about my cat. I clearly don’t miss him enough already

I refuse to leave this house until my cat acknowledges my prescence.





he’s so angry… why?

Lol, Link’s not angry here. The lighting nor camera were the best at the time these pictures were taken, and the fact he squints a lot, would perhaps give an angry expression. But he’s a happy-go-lucky guy who is a classic goof. 

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Open for submissions!

Made a new banner and icon for the tumblr and clarified some things on the submissions page and the information page so give them a read!

Reminder that this thing is happening and open for submissions! Help a friend of mine out!

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Tamsin van Essen

Erosion Series

This work explores erosion and the disruption of form. Focusing on biological erosion, I wanted to convey the idea of a host being attacked and eaten away by a parasitic virus, highlighting the creeping spread of the infection as it corrupts the body. I have produced a series of angular porcelain forms, sandblasted to wear the surface and reveal inner strata. This aggressive process, contrarily, creates a delicate vulnerability in the shape. The translucency of the porcelain and the interruption of the surface make it possible to glimpse through to layers beneath, creating a tension between the seen and the obscured.

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Mischiefmon, the candycorn-toed goat-imp way-out-of-season halloween ‘mon I made to honour thirteenstitches!

Suddenly reliving my preteen dreams of being a digidestined.

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